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Koho's analytics and real-time insights optimise revenue retention and growth. Streamline your operations by leveraging ML driven analysis and live risk alerts.

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Koho's customised tools and predictive analytics have been designed around the requirements of your teams

Align Pipeline with Inventory

Your pipeline is only as good as the inventory you have to service it.

Koho allows sales & marketing teams to match their pipeline to available inventory. By providing real-time insights into inventory levels and sales dynamics, Koho gives you more accurate planning, improved sales performance & better budget planning for marketing teams



Optimise Asset Performance

Knowing the actual LTV of assets in your portfolio is essential if you want to optimise revenue performance. 

Koho's asset analytics empower operations teams with precise metrics on asset utilisation and efficiency, enabling better space allocation. This leads to maximised operational performance and increased revenue generation.



Mitigate Contractual Risks

Missed risk signals means lost revenue down the line. 

Koho highlights potential contractual risks, enabling finance teams to act swiftly. With continuous risk monitoring and automated alerts, you gain a unified view of your revenue and can take proactive steps to prevent revenue losses, ensuring smoother financial operations and better cash flow.



Unite & Elevate Your Tech Stack

From Airtable to Zendesk, Koho integrates with the technology you use every day - and 100's more

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The adoption of Koho eliminated the time-consuming, error-prone processes we previously faced. We quickly overcame our data challenges, gaining a much needed single source of truth for all our key metrics.

Ben Newton, Ops Director, Patch


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