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Features Built for Property Operators

Koho's suite of features is designed to provide commercial property operators with the tools to thrive in an increasingly challenging market.


Designed by You 

Koho has been designed around feedback provided directly by commercial property professionals - Discover how ops, sales & finance teams can benefit from Koho's insights

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Seamless Data Integration

Koho's integrations allow you to consolidate and manage your data, unifying information from multiple sources - like your existing CRM, ERP & Finance tools.

Finally, a single source of truth for all your KPI's.

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Keeping your CRM data in check

Our Data Health dashboard automatically scans for and highlights issues that could compromise your analytics integrity, flagging duplications, errors and inconsistencies so your team can fix them right away.

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Proactive Risk Analysis

Koho guides you towards your financial targets.

By signalling any deviations in advance, we dive into the when and why results aren't materialising - equipping you with the insight to navigate, adapt, and achieve your revenue commitments.

Data-Led Revenue Projections

Our revenue projection tools use your data, overlayed with our risk models to provide an accurate view of the future, helping you optimise your revenue strategy.

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Function Specific Dashboards

Designed around the specific requirements of operations, finance and sales professionals, our location dashboards allow your team to monitor performance, track key metrics, and get actionable insights for each location and asset in your portfolio - All without manual report builds.

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